Back in the fall of 2020 I opened up the iPhone activity tracker and to my surprise I saw that I was spending an average of 3.5 hours a day on my phone. More specifically 2.5 hours of that was spent on Instagram. According to this TechJury article an average person spent 2 hours and 24 minutes per day on social media in 2020. That’s 15.7 hours per week, 815 hours a year, which translates to 34 full 24 hours days in a year. Think about it: the average person spent well over one month on Instagram in 2020!

Me all the time


Women often tend to stay quiet when faced with a situation where they want to speak up. Why is that? When I’ve been in those situations myself, I often question whether I’m overreacting, and whether it’s better to stay quiet and maintain the peace. When I have decided to speak up I’ve always questioned how I’ll come across, whether I’ll be seen as the angry, emotional woman, or whether my feelings about the situation are valid and speaking up is the right thing to do. This constant second guessing is exhausting. I even gaslight myself.

To give you an idea…

Let’s be honest. Apologizing is hard. Nobody likes to admit to being wrong. But sometimes we do or say things that are inappropriate and affect others negatively, and when those situations arise, apologizing is crucial in repairing the situation and moving on.

A good apology requires three things: Authenticity, intention, and courage.

The fact is that most people don’t know how to apologize. They passively say the words “I’m sorry”, and expect things to be cleared up and for life to move on. For hurt feelings to actually dissipate, the intention behind the apology is far more important than the…

In my career I’ve worked on a handful of teams that weren’t really teams, but a collection of individuals working separately on the same project. Or there have been times when the team is very efficient and everything is running smoothly, until the introduction of a new team member throws everything out of whack. This has made me wonder what individual characteristics are necessary in a really good team player and how those characteristics are important in every team member, or the team will not function to its full potential. …

This past summer I decided enough is enough. I had been lazy with my workout routine for a few years now and I decided to do something drastic. I decided to join the 8 week F45 challenge.

Just a note — I’m not affiliated with F45 in any way and I’m not paid to write this article. This is just my personal experience with the program.

This was me when I officially signed up

What is F45 anyway?

F45 is short for Functional 45. It’s 45 minutes of functional training with pre-set stations in a circuit. It’s basically a HIIT workout with X seconds of work and Y seconds of rest between…

Last week I had a successful staycation at home. When I told a friend I’m doing this, she was surprised. “You mean you’re taking vacation days from work and not travelling anywhere?”. That’s a valid question for someone like me — a person who likes to travel and explore. But sometimes I just don’t want to deal with the stress of traveling and I love a good staycation when it’s planned properly and executed flawlessly. Here’s how I do it.

Step 1: Don’t make any plans

The idea is to change up your routine so your vacation at home doesn’t…

No, not this kind of blocked:

Not this one either:

A few years ago I found myself diligently working non-stop for three days at a start-up to bring up a website with a team of six people. We were stressed, tired, frustrated, and my boss kept cracking jokes to lighten the mood.

Finally, someone asked, “How can you be making jokes at a time like this?”. He replied, “What’s the point of doing this if we’re not going to have fun doing it?”. At the time that didn’t really help our mood, but over the years that statement has stayed with me and has shaped how I approach my career…

Samira Hafezi

I’m a creative techie and have always loved writing. It all started in grade 8 when we had to write a journal for one month in English class. I never stopped.

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